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Praise the Lamb of God, in Your presence is the Peace that passes all understanding. You are the Prince of Peace, Jehovah Shalom, Hallelujah Elohim I adore you and lift up your precious name. You died to set us all free and to have fellowship with you.  As we breathe your name you are here for us.  God almighty, Lord of Lords, the Great I AM, the Alpha and Omega, all mighty God.  Nothing formed against us can prosper as long as we stand in You, Glory to Your name. Your Love and Grace are enough for all our needs. I bask in your grace and hold onto your love. You are my Saviour, the all in all Jehovah Jireh our provider. You are Mercy and compassion, all our praise is due to You, amazing grace is so precious. Holy Holy is the LORD.  You are love, even while we go through the desert places Your grace is greater then all the trials put together. Hallelujah  Abba I adore you, you are my Father my provider, my protector, my deliverer, my peace giver, my banner in times of trouble, my all sufficient one. Glory to Your Name You are my salvation, my ever present help in time of danger, thank you Jesus for dying for me and for all of us. YOU ARE LORD!!  I bow down before you now in humble adoration. You alone know the heart of all of us and yet you love us still. Thank you sweet Rose of Sharon.

I'm asking you to anoint this site touching each soul that enters in, bringing conviction where needed. Bring comfort as well as healing to those in need.  Hold all of us close to Your bosom; cover us with Your wings, protecting us from the storms that are brewing.  With You we can face anything and be victorious. With You we will come through with fruits of maturity. With You others will find Your peace and healing as we speak to them of Your glories.  I pray you breathe in each home now filling it with Your love and grace; let all who enter our homes know they are in Your presence.   Allow us to be Your hands extended.  May you use our tongues for Your glory, and Father for any that come into this site unsaved, I pray they will leave here knowing You as LORD.  Thank you for holding us close and hearing this plea. Glory to You for You are the husband to the pure in heart. Come quickly Lord Jesus, Your Bride awaits You.  She cries out for Your soon arrival. I Love You;  in Jesus name amen

Worthy  is  the  Lamb