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I am  dedicating this page to all the ladies that are going through rough times, as well as those that aren't.  It's not always easy being a woman and yet the LORD  lifted us up in the place of honor.

Father God praise Your holy name, you are wonderful to us, such a good Father to your daughters. You know the pains, concerns, duties and needs that we all have, thank you for taking care of every one of them. Bring our children and spouses and all those we love into your saving grace.  Have your way with us turning us into the women you have called us to be. Give us the wisdom and boldness to stand firm when we need too and to be quiet when needed. Help us to honor our men showing them the respect they should have as our husbands.  Heal our hurts and memories, renew the love and passion we had for our husbands and Abba open your words to us that we might learn and mature.  Thank you for Your love and grace, we love you and we praise you .. in the name of Jesus .. amen so be it  
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