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Waves of Glory are breathing through me.  As I sit here at my computer I can sense His presence and displeasure over those who go by His name, but refuse to accept His messengers.

There are two men facing the Throne of God. One looks on but cannot, or will not bow down. Thinking he is equal to the LORD, he refuses to accept any correction.  While the other young man readily falls on his face before the One who gave His own life that we may have the gift of life.  This young man knows where he comes from and where he could be tomorrow is he turns his back on the LORD Jesus Christ.

There are two women, sitting over lunch while visiting and sharing thoughts with each other. The one has much pain and rejection over her walk and obedience to the Lord. Her friend attempts to bring correction on her, over a subject she knows nothing about. She is critical with her friend, speaking in a way as to condemn and bring sadness, while her friend tries to look away, knowing the other has no idea of the things she is dealing with.  She is cutting her friend deeply, while thinking herself very wise.  The other lady is left feeling alone and misunderstood, while standing alone with her LORD and Savior.

Do we embrace those coming into our midst with the anointed Word of God? Do we understand how to embrace others not in our immediate circle of friends and family?  When a person comes to us, do we reach out in love and tenderness, trying to make them feel welcome and comfortable? Or do we try to push our holiness at them, trying to impress them with our own “Spirituality”?

Why do we have titles? Primarily to impress others, is usually the case.  I am always suspicious when someone comes announcing his or her own “Title”.  We are one in the LORD, not concerned with raising ourselves up in man’s eyes. Does the LORD really care what our “position” is? I doubt it, He wants us to “humbly” follow Him and serve others.

My heart is hurting over the pride and arrogance of “God’s “Children. Where is the humility and love? If we don’t like the warnings then we try to kill their good name, or “nicely” run them out of the church.

The Word of God tells us Judgment begins in the House of God. It is here now, and we need to search ourselves and see how we line up as individuals and as a body.

This page may offend some, for that I am really sorry. I love you and wouldn’t hurt you for anything, but these things are moving in my spirit. Folks it’s time to put self and self-exaltation aside and move foreword.