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In the year 1998 while in prayer,
the Holy Spirit moved me to write this prophetic poem.
Not being a poet, this comes directly from the Holy Spirit.

As the Trumpet continues to blow
     the winds swirl around us
From Satan as well as from the Lord God
     we are becoming a finely tuned orchestra
Ready to sing of His glory

We as the body of Christ
      are not only honored
To be counted as one of His own
      but we also belong to each other
As one beautifully pieced tapestry

We are a beautiful garment 
      made up of different faces
And different ways of doing things
     yet all in one accord

Really loving each other
     protective as well as forgiving
Each others failings

God is raising up an army
     such as this world has never seen

As the winds of Satan blow against us
     we are not defeated
We are being corrected and molded
      as a finely tuned violin

What love
     what glory
We are truly blessed