To My Children

Where have all the years gone,
How did I let them slip by me?
I thought I had all the time in the
world, but I didn't I see.

My son has grown to be a man,
My daughter has become a wife.
But it seems like only yesterday,
It was I who was planning their life.

I blew their little noses
I kissed away their tears.
I told them bedtime stories
What happened to all of the years?

You have your children around you,
And you turn to other things as they play.
  But don't turn around for too long,             
Or they'll be grown up and on their way.

You will have missed the homemade
airplanes, and the smudgy Valentines.
There will be nothing left of their childhood,
How you'll miss "Will you be mine?"

For there's nothing any dearer
Than a little hand holding tight,
Or standing there waving,
As you're driving out of sight.

But soon you'll be standing waving,
As they go on their way.
To live their lives the way they want,
Leaving behind memories of yesterday.

Oh, where have all the years gone,
What happened to those babies of mine?
I turned around a moment too long,
And now they've crossed the grownup line.

Love, Mom

Ruth Ann Mahaffey
ęCopyright 1998 - 2001