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So then, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God.       1 Cor 10:31
The Answer

There's an answer for each question in your mind
There's a promise that each of us should find

In this silence as we sit, this troubled soul exists
Searching endlessly through the midst of life
But what is it that we search to find?

Some search for wealth
Whilst others for good health
Some look for true love, their gift from up above
But me, as I sit here pondering this thought
What is it I search for? that I sought?

I'm searching to be the best that I can
And wipe out distain, worries and pain
I'm searching for goodness, wisdom and strength
I know my search will continue yet

My road is long and my journey wide
At each side of me stands the devil's disguise
To trick me and falter this path that I trust
That I may trip and fall face down in the dust

But my sword is my belief and my strength my faith
Be gone devil from my side you fake!
I've found the Lord's word and believe Him to be true
I don't need to be lied to and persecuted by you.

by:  Lucy Georgiou