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                               CHAPTER  EIGHT

Verse 1& 2
When the Lamb broke the seventh seal on the scroll, there was silence throughout heaven for about half an hour. 2 I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and they were given seven trumpets.

This Seventh Seal introduces the Seven Trumpets. At this time all is silent in heaven for thirty moments.  All praise and worship comes to a stop.  This is a very solemn time, the great horror judgments are about to happen.  God is very angry over the abuse of His people. 

Verse 3 & 4
Then another angel with a gold incense burner came and stood at the altar. And a great amount of incense was given to him to mix with the prayers of God’s people as an offering on the gold altar before the throne. 4 The smoke of the incense, mixed with the prayers of God’s holy people, ascended up to God from the altar where the angel had poured them out.

The Golden Censer is a vessel for burning incense.  Our prayers never die, but are kept alive. Many of our unsaved loved ones will now accept Jesus as their Lord.

Verse 5-7
Then the angel filled the incense burner with fire from the altar and threw it down upon the earth; and thunder crashed, lightning flashed, and there was a terrible earthquake. 6 Then the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow their mighty blasts. 7 The first angel blew his trumpet, and hail and fire mixed with blood were thrown down on the earth. One-third of the earth was set on fire, one-third of the trees were burned, and all the green grass was burned

The first trumpet is the mixture of fire and hail combined with blood.  This fire and hail is probably a meteorite shower with one-half of the fire coming from the gases in the hail. Causing one third of the trees and vegetation to be destroyed.

Verse 8-9
Then the second angel blew his trumpet, and a great mountain of fire was thrown into the sea. One-third of the water in the sea became blood, 9 one-third of all things living in the sea died, and one-third of all the ships on the sea were destroyed.

This second trumpet may be a great meteorite or even a huge solar flare. However, the Canary Islands have a huge volcanic mtn that is splitting.  When this mountain blows, it may cause tidal waves along the eastern coast of America all the way to the coast of Africa. moving up to 500 mph with a height of 900 ft.  Therefore, this mountain size ball of fire could well be this island exploding, which could also cause a nuclear winter.

Verse 10-11
Then the third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from the sky, burning like a torch. It fell on one-third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11 The name of the star was Bitterness. It made one-third of the water bitter, and many people died from drinking the bitter water.

This third trumpet could be a nuclear bomb or a huge meteor, falling to the earth. In verse 8, we see a third of the ocean turned to blood, now with this fourth trumpet one third of all the remaining water has been contaminated causing many to die. A third part of all the water on Earth will become bitter and undrinkable. The King James Version called the bitter water "Wormwood" which is very bitter and will cause many men to die.

After a nuclear bomb or volcano has died down--the spread of smoke in the atmosphere from nuclear-started fires could absorb sunlight, darkening the sky and ultimately lower the temperature of the Earth to cause temperatures to drop and to remain below freezing for several months from one to five degrees Centigrade within a few months. Most plant life will die because it does not receive enough light resulting in catastrophic agricultural failure. The glaciers advance, causing flooding.

Verse  12
Then the fourth angel blew his trumpet, and one-third of the sun was struck, and one-third of the moon, and one-third of the stars, and they became dark. And one-third of the day was dark, and also one-third of the night.

A nuclear bomb or volcano can cause the sun & stars to darken as I describe in the above passage.

Dr. Jack Geiger is a professor of "Community Medicine" at the City College of New York.  Dr. Geiger is an expert on the effects of a 750 kiloton to one-megaton hydrogen bomb, and describes the effects this would have on a person. There would be a flash seven times brighter than the sun, a few moments later there would be a heat flash, several times the sun's surface, which is 11,000 degrees F.

The blast will level and ionize everything within a 1/2 mile radius of ground zero, causing a force 20 to 50 times the atmosphere's pressure.  Those in the open within five miles from this bomb will be cremated.  Those being five to fifteen miles away will receive third degree burns to their exposed skin. Dr. Geiger estimates 45% of Chicago’s ”6.6 million people" would die within a day, if such a bomb struck while on a workday.

Being a man in the first century A.D. John had only what he knew to draw on for explaining what he is seeing in this vision.  This is quite an undertaking for a person with no knowledge of our day’s weapons.  We must keep this in mind as we read of this vision as John is describing it.

Verse  13
Then I looked, and I heard a single eagle crying loudly as it flew through the air, “Terror, terror, terror to all who belong to this world because of what will happen when the last three angels blow their trumpets.”

This eagle is a bird of prey. The last judgments were against nature now the judgments against humanity will begin.  The next three trumpets are far worse then what has already descended upon the earth.  Now God is about to pour out His wrath and indignation upon all humanity. 

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