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What Is True Repentance ?

When we pray it's important to ask the Lord to cleanse us from all sin; what exactly are we speaking of.  What is repentance?  Doesn't the Lord automatically forgive us for everything when we just say the words?

The New Testament was first written in Greek, while the Old Testament was written in Hebrew.  The most effective way to get the meat from the Word of God is to search out the key words in these dictionaries.

Repentance in Greek is:
metanoeo "to preceive after-wards" (meta, "after," implying  "change," noeo, "to perceive"; nous, "the mind, the seat of moral reflection"), in contrast to pronoeo, "to perceive beforehand," hence signifies "to change one's mind or purpose," always, in the NT, involving a change for the better, an amendment, repentance from sin.

Ok, according to the dictionary true repentance means a change of attitude about sin. 

When we kneel and ask the Lord into our lives as well as when we sin; we always need to ask Him to forgive us for all the sin we have committed. This needs to be a prayer from the heart.

When we are sensitive to the Lord, the Holy Spirit will move upon us making us aware of the sin and giving us a desire to be cleansed from it.

Acts 11:21
And the hand of the Lord was with them: and  a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord.

Matthew 3:2
And saying, Repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

What a privilege to be able to go before the throne of God and ask Him to wash us clean in the Blood of Jesus.

I hope this has clearly answered this question. Bless each of you.

Father God, thank you for the gift of salvation and freedom we have to ask you to forgive us for our sins, knowing we'll be washed clean. Abba move upon each of us with the spirit of repentance showing us where we displease you. Help each of us to line up with your words and be the person you have created us to be. Thank you Father, you are wonderful, and we love you, in Jesus name amen.