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But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth.   
  Acts 1:8
PROPHECIES must always line up with the Word of God and be judged by those with the gift of "Discerning of Spirits" which includes Prophets.  It is important to remember there are no new revelations given to man by the Lord that is not in His Holy Bible.  Prophecies support what the Lord says in His word.

Not everyone with the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy is a "Prophet", but in order to be a "Prophet"this gift must be in practice.

The prophecies below are a sample of what the Lord has blessed me with over the years.  I believe these are not only for America, but for all humankind as we walk in His light.

April 1997:
The hearts of man are turned away from me.  They turn to their own pleasures, their own desires, and their own directions.  Thus saith the Lord; I have not sent these people who speak all is well.  My children are deceived by desires of the flesh.  My will, will be done, and my words will come to pass. Thus says the Lord; destruction shall come upon the church, which does not welcome My Spirit; either by word or deed.

July 1997:
The time is near when my voice will be heard and my back will be seen. Fret not yourself, trust me to Guide you, I am in control.

There are too many to list...then in

June 1998:
The time is here when all men shall know that judgment is at hand. I tell you these words; My Spirit is moving across this land. I tell you my child; I will not be mocked, I am mocked in the temple, I am mocked in the square. It shall end, saith the Lord. Prepare as I direct.  I shall lead you and my remnant. Fear not, my own is being protected. As the fall is great, and the noise fierce Fear not...keep your eyes on me!

July 1998:
Destruction comes in the morning.  As the wind blows, my anger pours out upon those, which turn their back to me. Fear not, I will neither leave you, nor forsake you. Your seed is safe fear not I am here and your seed is still in my hand. The powers of darkness will reign; fear will grip the hearts of man. Only my children who have their eyes upon me will be kept in perfect peace. Follow my lead and you will be safe, fear not the night wind, I am here. Do not fear the lies thrown at you...your seed will be safe and in one accord. Buy as I direct, this land will be as ashes.

Aug 1998:
That which blows around you is a wind of pain and confusion. Hear my voice. Stay in My presence and in My Word. [The rest is for me alone]

Oct 1999:
This is for all of us not just me:
I saw a stream flowing down a hillside; fresh water rushing over rocks...this was alive! Then the words came to me:

As the stream rushes toward its purpose, so must you move as I direct. No fear shall hinder you, you will move over that which will hinder you. As you walk the path I have selected for you, many faces will rise up to stop you. Nay shall be your response, and then keep moving. The dawn is upon you, the time is here when all men are hearing of My Grace; yet, they close their ears and eyes to my words. My messengers are being destroyed due to the desires of a false heart. Take heed, stay in My Word and My presence and all will be safe!

Jan 13 ,2000:
As you look from sea to sea, you see the land convulsing as I spread my displeasure upon this mighty Land of yours.  The blood of my babies has been shed.  The stomachs of my innocentís have been poisoned.  My children turn their backs to me, in order to seek money and pleasure.  Yea, I say unto you, fear not those, which will kill your body, Fear me who will destroy the soul of those who turn from me.  I am a mighty God; I am the only God, See more of me and I will be more of you.

Jan 9, 2001
Not all prophecies are in the form of 'Thus saith the Lord".  The letter I wrote several years back is indeed prophetic in nature, you may remember my sending this out to those on my email list:

Dear Bros and Sisters,
I urge you to walk not in fear, but with great wisdom. I hear the rushing of a mighty army forming. This army is being dispersed to seek us out and destroy our lives. The enemy sets those of us, which speak out against the tyranny of serving the enemy by way of the flesh, apart for destruction! No one can touch us with out permission from the Lord, yet we need to use real wisdom and caution in what we say and do.

I find the spirit of discouragement is stronger today. The temptation is strong to quit. They tell us they agree with what we say, yes, they too know the enemy is massing against us...yet where is the armor? Where are the fruits by which the true child of God is known? My spirit is terribly grieved this hour...The pastors love my gifts and the anointing; oh yes this is so great tell us more they say. Then the remarks stop and the attitude chillís as the words bring conviction upon the man in the office of pastor. The hand of God is moving and touching all flesh this very hour. Those that will listen are being raised up into a new height and passion for the Lord; while those not listening are falling further behind and getting colder and hostile at the same time. The sweet nectar of the Holy Spirit is pouring into us at a greater rate, and He is being glorified through those of us willing to pay the price. Soon we will be in the presence of the Lord never to depart. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Jan 17, 2001
As my breath breathes upon the body, the eyes that cannot see my spirit reject my presence.  Yes, I say unto you, speak as I direct; warn them of my truth, of My righteousness. Tell them of my intolerance to the coolness of heart. Yea I say, those whose ears are upon the voice of man will not see my face, but my back. For I will not continue to strive with man, nor will I continue to be mocked. I am Holy God I am the only God and I demand a Holy people.  Raise your eyes to me and great shall be your joy.  Thus saith the Lord

I feel in my spirit a real apprehension over what is coming to this country. We as Christians will see a greater wall put up against us than we have ever seen in this country before. I see much heartache, and fear gripping the hearts of fellow Christians not leaning upon the arm of the Lord. As their understanding fails them, their cry will go out to any who will listen; they will not understand why their god has let them down.

This brings us to the present. I see this massive body of power and destruction moving upon this land of ours, it has vicious teeth to rip and destroy those not griping the hem of His garment! I hear the roar now as the Cities fall and the people run in fear and panic.  Dear God what we as a Nation have brought upon us!  All these many visions and prophecies are coming together very soon.  I see it at the door.  The door is open. This destruction has been invited in by way of rebellion and debauchery!

We are seeing tens of thousands falling at our side! It is here in the present!

I had a dream of another giant tidal wave, this time it was on the coast.  The bldgs were under construction, there were two of us.  We ran to the penthouse apartment being built, there were no people around.  In the apartment [unfinished] was a door with a small window above the door. In the room was a mattress with a man laying back on it in a reclining fashion, very comfortable (spiritually lazy).

The wave came and my husband and I tried to hold the door shut while this man just laid there.  Suddenly there was another man [which is a friendís husband and a dear Christian] he helped my husband press against the door, while I stood back.  The wave receded, and then it came again. This happened a few times then a helicopter came with men in uniform. They told us it was time to go while we were between waves. The lazy man was not there as we boarded the helicopter and left.

Again, it seems that if these dreams and visions are indeed from the Lord, which I believe them to be then we are going to see some very dreadful things before He does take us home. I was also impressed that as a woman our spiritual brothers will protect us as best they can.  Instead of the men leaning on us, the women will be able to lean upon the men to be spiritual leaders....this thrilled me!

Those of us being led by the spirit-will be removed when the proper time comes.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

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