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The presence of the Lord is in this place. I speak with a whisper, so as not to disturb the gentle anointing.

The heavens are silent at this time, but we must keep our eyes upon the glory of God. Knowing He sees all and hears all, loving us without measure, as the fiery trials descend upon us.

We need to stay in an attitude of prayer, leaning our every need upon His everlasting love and grace. He tells us to turn everything over to Him, every care, pain, fear and need, holding nothing back.

He is our provider and protector as well as the lover of our soul.  In Him there is nothing to dread.

As we walk daily in His word, we have the knowledge that He is working through us and for us, perfecting us for the step we are soon to take.

This is not an easy road, being one all to often abandoned.  But the fruit of peace and joy are beyond anything we can imagine.

We have been given a great honor in being elected to join the ranks of His soldiers, His warriors, and His weapons of war.  We are peacemakers, we are lovers, we are battle-axes, and we are blessed.

Joy and peace is the gift from the Lord to His children as we bow before Him, in humble adoration and obedience.