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Dave and I married more than 30 yrs. 
Wasn't it just yesterday that Dave was 18 and I was 16?
Were we really this young couple?  Dave at 26 and his young bride of 24. 
Our little girl Deanna at 9
Dad and Dee as a young woman
Father of the Bride, after seeing the young couple drive off.. wasn't it only yesterday he taught her to ride her bike?
A new generation begins.. Pop and Chris
We are blessed.. Chris, Jessie, & Sam
Grandson... Chris
Nearly twenty years later, a new generation goes forth:
Grand-daughter  Jessie 
The baby.. Grand-daughter  Sami
I was once told the momma Black Bird thinks her chicks are the blackest... how true that is, are there any children/ grandchildren less then beautiful?  Not in my family says momma Black Bird.