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                                        Innocent  Pendants?

There are three items I've seen many Christians wear that are demonic, and these folks have no idea what they mean. I copied these descriptions from a page selling them..

1: The Ying Yang symbolizing the union of Male and Female principles, this ancient Chinese protective charm is worn for Inner Harmony and Personal Growth.

As you can see it comes in various ways, it looks harmless but it is not.

2: The Egyptian Ankh is seen by the Ancient Egyptians as the Key of Life, this strongly protective Amulet is worn for Good Health, Prosperity and Long Life.
[Many well meaning Christians think this is just another pretty cross.]

I firmly believe there are curses and even demons attached to these items and I would not allow them in my home.

This is not to bring fear into your hearts, but as a warning of what can innocently open the door for demonic problems.

I pray this has been of some help to you.  Stay in prayer and keep your eyes open as to what your young ones are involved in. 

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