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I have been asked to write a paper on my experience with the OCCULT, explaining the subtle and dangerous ways it can and does creep into our lives and those of our young ones.

As Parents, do you know what to look for? Do your children come into contact with the occult on a regular bases?

Do you know what to do if your children show signs of being involved in the occult? What are those little things they wear that have one side white and the other black?

I will attempt to cover as much of these things as I sense the Lord wants me to.  I won't cover everything because there is just too much, and frankly it makes me ill to even speak of these things.

If it weren't so dangerous and so wide spread, I wouldn't even begin to go there.

I will be adding a few pictures of what to look for and how to recognize a few things when you see it.  Again, I don't do this to entertain you nor do I like doing this, but I really feel you need to know what a few of these things look like, since they are so popular among our young.

If you find this offensive than I want to apologize right now. Never do I want to offend, nor give Satan any credit.  He is our enemy, trying to steal and kill our youth. I am in a state of constant prayer as I write this and I am writing it a little bit at a time, waiting for the the Lord to lead me each step of the way.

If you decide to read this section, then I urge you to take it a little bit at a time.  I have kept each section short so as to give us a break from it.

When I was a new Christian I listened to a Christian tape of the warnings about Satan. I did this for two days without a break, and I had a terrible visitation as a result.  This battle I had was the result of concentrating on the enemy and not on the LORD.

We need to stop at the end of each section; picking up the BIBLE and with an attitude of praise leave the next part for a day or so.

There is nothing to fear, we do need to be know about some things, and like I said I am very careful not to go too far in this.

Holy Lord, thank you for Your word and Your love. I bind right now the works of the evil one, and I ask You Lord to open eyes and ears to see and hear Your warnings and how to protect our youth. Protect each home and family, and Abba I pray you will be glorified through these pages, as Your love and grace shine through.  Thank you and I seal this with the precious Blood of Jesus Christ.. amen and amen