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Biblical Numbers by: Bro Vallowe
Note from me:
This is not to be confused with "numerology" which is of the occult.

Former U.S. Chief of Staffer Al Cuppett says, "Brother Vallowe has broken the code!"

The Bible says that " the steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord."There is a special order that was created in the universe and numbers are right at the center".

The Biblical Meaning of Numbers:

Indeed, with over 40 years of research, Ed Vallowe has proven the Biblical Meaning of certain numbers as defined by their consistent use in scripture. 

1    Unity
2    Union, division, witnessing
3    Resurrection..  signature of God
4    World, creation
5    Grace of God
6    Weakness of man, evils of satan, manifestion of sin
7    Completeness and perfection
8    New birth or beginning
9    Fruit of the Spirit, divine completeness
10  Testimony, law, responsibility
11  Judgment, disorder
12  Governmental perfection (12 disciples, etc)
13  Depravity, rebellion
14  Deliverance, salvation
15  Rest
16  Love
17  Victory
18  Bondage
19  Faith
20  Redemption
21  Sin, sinfulness
22  Light
23  Death
24  Priesthood
25  Forgiveness of sins
26  Gospel of Christ
27  Preaching of gospel
28  Life, eternal life (woman's cycle, etc)
29  Departure
30  Blood of Christ
31  Offspring
32  Covenant
33  Promise
34  Naming of a son
35  Hope
36  Enemy
37  Word of God
38  Slavery
39  Disease
40  Trials, probation, testings
42  Lord's coming (first and second)
45  Preservation
50  Holy Spirit
60  Pride
66  Idol worship
70  Restoration
100  God's election of grace
119  The resurrection day, Lord's day
120  Divine period of probation
144  Spirit - guided life
153  Fruit bearing
200  Insufficiency
600  Warfare
888  First resurrection saints 

Using these numbers while digging into the Word of God, will open the word up even more to you.