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Don't Call Me Disabled

Don't call me disabled, that's not really true.
How would you like it, if that's what I called YOU?
Don't tell me I am not normal, it hurts me thru & thru.
What's normal for me is not normal for you.
Just because I am ill, and I am not like you.
Don't just tell me, what I can't do.

I may not be called a Cadillac or a Rolls Royce
However my illness, was not my choice.
For everything you tell me, that I can't do
There is something else, I CAN show you.

First you say, that I can't walk or run.
However, I CAN still have  lots of fun.
I might be in an awful lot of pain.
Give me a moment, I will smile again.

I might need time to adjust.
I know God is where I place my trust.
Next you tell me, I can't work any more.
Oh yes I CAN, Pain is quite a chore.

Now you say, I can't socialize.
I am here to tell you, that's all just lies.
I talk and visit more friends than you each day.
I visit, with my computer, it's just another way.

For all the things you say I can't do.
I might just agree "if" I were you.
I am just thankful that I am me!
God will help me "Be all that I CAN be"

You see Everyone is special, in their own way.
It's just different, the way we live each day.
Yes, I might struggle more than you.
But God gave me knowledge on How to DO!

He gives me strength to learn each day.
How to do everything in a different way.
Even tho I am sick and sometimes weak.
Everyday it's "me" to whom He will speak.

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JoAnn Kranik
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Baton Rouge, La. 70818

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