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Ministering While fighting Lupus

So many times through the years I have heard others tell me how they cannot be used by the LORD, because of an illness, and or old age.

This is so sad to hear; since the Lord's anointing knows no age limit or state of health.  When the Lord anoints us to preach His words the anointing will give us the strength and endurance we need.

I am reminded of one time in particular:

I was so weak from LUPUS that I couldn't walk without my husband holding onto me for support. When one day the Lord laid it on my heart to fast one meal a day for a few days; which I did.  I knew He had a reason for my fasting even though He didn't tell me what it was.

It was a few days later that a dear lady called me for help in removing demonic spirits from her home. Now I want you to remember, I was so ill I couldn't even sit up. But I prayed with her on this, setting the time for the next day.

My poor husband couldn't believe I was going to do this in my state of health; but I knew it was the Lord's will and He would provide.

The next day Dave drove me over to her home; took me inside then left. Many times He would stay and help when the Lord would tell him too, but today the Lord wanted him to leave.

This lady and I prayed and when the anointing rose up within me a new strength flooded my body. It took us about two hours to clean out her home spiritually. Throughout this entire deliverance I was strong in mind, body and spirit!  You wouldn't have known I had been fighting any illness what so ever.

As soon as her home was swept entirely clean, the anointing lifted and my body became weak as a kitten again. She phoned Dave and he came and helped me out to the car.

This type of thing has happened so many times I can't begin to count them all.

One day I was especially sick and weak, when I "knew" I had to go to church.  Poor Dave was beside himself trying to protect me, but he knew I had heard from the LORD. All through the service I was miserable; it took all my effort just to sit up. 

Visiting that morning was a missionary and his wife.  After the service they had a prayer line for the church body, in which they prayed for various needs; when they were through the Lord told me to go up there and pray for them. Oh dear, I could hardly walk; again Dave had to help me;  then all at once strength came into my body .. I went to these two dear ones and laying hands on them, and prophesied to each of them separately. The power of God gave me the strength and power I needed. When the message was delivered the strength left me and again Dave had to help me back to our seat.

There have been times when I have been asked to preach on a particular Sunday and of course my body would be acting up. But again the Lord always met me with a heavy anointing, filling me with such a strength and vitality I felt like I was in glory! Yet when the anointing lifts I am as weak as before.

Then there are the many times of intercession as well as travail.  Again He gives us the strength we need to pray.
There is power in His presence and the anointing gives us what we need when we need it.

It makes no difference how weak we are or how limited our bodies are.

Let me tell you about the dear little man that had a severe stroke.  He couldn't talk very well, I'd have to strain to understand him and most words went past me in a garble.

Well, the Lord led him to give a small sermon one Sunday evening. Every word that man spoke was as clear as can be, then when the  anointing lifted his speach became limited again.  Praise God what a wonder He is!

So you see.. there is no limit to what the Lord will do for us to enable us to do as He wants us to do. No matter what it is, He will supply our needs when needed.  

If the Lord is asking you to step out and do something, please don't say no out of fear. Accept His leading and trust Him to meet you there.

We are blessed once we learn to really lean on Him and not ourselves.  He is our strength, peace and joy.  He is our everything at all times.  I praise His name.

Bless you and I pray this has encouraged you to do more for the Lord.  There are several links on my link page for pain and illness. 

Abba Father, touch your servents giving them the courage they need to step out for you. Sometimes it's really difficult Lord. Touch and heal as well as give peace and joy to your children. Use all of us to bring your words to those that will listen.  Use us to
show your love and grace. Cover each home with the Blood of Jesus. filling it with your glory. Thank you Father for loving us so much and taking such good care of us. We love you; thank you in Jesus  name amen ..   

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes; fear the LORD, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.   
Prov 3:5-8

But seek ye first the
kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matt 6:33