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I first mailed this letter out on January 9, 2001 .  A few of you may remember this. 

Those of you not familiar with the gifts of the Holy Spirit may be a bit put off by this, but it came to me by way of the Holy Spirit, it is a prophetic letter.

My spirit while rejoicing in the LORD and  His closeness, is grieved at the same time.  I feel a deep pain in my bosom for  those in the comfort zone not giving any thought to pressing in closer to the LORD.

This letter is what many of us experience time and time again as the LORD sends us forth to give the Words of Warning as He tells us to do.

I pray as you read this the anointing will witness to each of you the importance of not stopping but to keep pressing in and speaking as the LORD directs.

I praise God for the true men and women in the office of leadership feeding their flock the unsifted word of God, these men and women are pleasing to the LORD and deserve our respect.. but sad to say, many in the place of leadership are called by man not God and his ears are closed.     
The love of the LORD is greater far then we can imagine.  His love goes beyond our pain and fear; it takes our heart in His hand warming the hardness of fear and indiffenece.  God above is so wonderful, not only do we need to wake up for our soul, but doesn't He deserve to have all our love as well?  His love is measureless and strong.   He is LIFE.  Praise the wonderous LOVE of GOD.

Dear Bros and Sisters,
I urge you to walk not in fear, but with great wisdom. I hear the rushing of a mighty army forming. This army is being dispersed to seek us out and destroy our lives. Those of us which speak out against the tyranny of serving the enemy by way of the flesh are set apart for destruction by the enemy!

No one can touch us with out permission from the Lord, yet we need to use real wisdom and caution in what we say and do.

I find the spirit of discouragement is stronger today. The temptation is strong to just quit.

They tell us they agree with what we say, yes they too know the enemy is massing against us...yet where is the armor? Where are the fruits by which the true child of God is known? My spirit is terribly grieved this hour...

The pastors love my gifts and the anointing; oh yes this is so great tell us more they say. Then the remarks stop and the attitude chillís as the words bring conviction upon the man in the office of pastor. The hand of God is moving and touching all flesh this very hour. Those that will listen are being raised up into a new height and passion for the Lord; while those not listening are falling further behind and getting colder and hostile at the same time.

The sweet nectar of the Holy Spirit is being poured into us at a greater rate, and He is being glorified through those of us willing to pay the price. Soon we will be in the presence of the Lord never to depart. Come quickly Lord Jesus!