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Hi,  This is the study outline I used when we had a Bible study here at our place.  I feel the Lord would have me present it to you as I have it here, rather then fill it all in as I have the other studies on this site.  I hope this will encourage some of you to have studies at your home.

I am presenting this study with the assumption you are looking up the scriptures so you'll know what I am speaking of is truth or not.

Who is the Holy Ghost?

The Father is the Commander, He draws men to  Christ
John 6:44;  Matt 16:17

The Son is the Performer, He reveals the Father
Matt 11:27

The Holy Spirit is the Power, He convicts Men of Sin and Discloses to the Church that which Belongs to Jesus Christ
John 16:8-15

A:  His name as applied to:

1:  Spirit of God:
Gen 1:2 = This verse specifically speaks of the Holy Ghost

Greek for God:  Elohiym [
el o heem] = Plural for majesties, not one in number, but one in perfect unity.

2:  My Spirit: 
Gen 6:3 = Breath, air, wind, a spirit, strength, power.

3:  Holy Spirit:
Ps 51:11 = Purity, majesty & glory.

4:  Spirit of the LORD God:
Isa 61:1 = He equips us to minister, trains us.

5:  Spirit of Grace: 
Zech 12:10 = Loving kindness, divine favor, blessing, with more of this Grace we are both humble and teachable which is the sum total of power and equipment for minstry

6:  Spirit of the Father: 
Matt 10:20 = Under the anointing God speaks through His servants

7:  Spirit of the Comforter:
John 14:16,26 = this is the same type as Jesus has. One called along side to help; a friend, legal assist. Advocate counselor for the defense, one who pleads for another's cause.

8:  Spirit of Truth: 
John 14:17 = All fullness & scope of truth; as Jesus was the perfect express- ion of truth, not only verbally, but in sincerity and integrity of character.  Truth is in us, but do we listen?

9:  Spirit of Holiness: 
Rom 1:4 = Attitudes, what we say is what we are. This spirit uncovers our sin, not to condemn but to convict.

10:  Spirit of Life: 
Rom 8:2 = (Gk: zoe)  Life in absolute sense, life as God has it. This life is the gospel, the faith, Christianity; it's w/o death, but life through Jesus Christ's resurrection; enjoy eternal fellowship w/God.

11:  Spirit of Christ:
Rom 8:9 = The Holy Ghost lives in all born again believers

12:  Spirit of Adoption:
Rom 8:15-16 = All born again believers receive this spirit; it bares witness we are the Son of God.  
13:  Spirit of Promise: 
Eph 1:13-14 = Holy Ghost is the mark & seal of God's ownership; gift of eternal life.

Hebrews 11:4-11
4: Worship like Abel
5: Walk like Enoch
7: Work like Noah
8: Obey like Abraham

Then wait on the Lord to move..

11: Sara received the Promise.

14:  Spirit of the Son: 
Gal 4:6 = Jesus Christ

15:  Spirit of Eternal Life: 
Heb 9:14 = Forever w/o end.

16:  Spirit of Glory: 
1 Pet 4:14 = (Gk: doxa)  Manifested perfection of God's character, esp. His righteousness; His spirit shows the might of God's glory
17:  Spirit of Righteousness:
Rom 8:4-5, 9-10 & Gal 5:5

18:  Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, Fear [Respect of the Lord]
Isaiah 11:2

19:  Free [Willing] Spirit: 
Ps 51:12

B:  The Deity [Nature of] the Holy Ghost:

1:  Creator: 
Gen 1:2 = All three of the God head created the earth.  It was the Spirit of God    which moved, hovering, brooding over the waters.

2:  Omnipresent: 
Ps 139:7-13 = Present in all places, Heaven, Hell, light or dark; the spirit of God is in all places.

3:  Omniscient: 
1 Cor 2:9-11 = Infinite awareness, knowledge, understanding.

4:  Omnipotent: 
Lk 1:34-35 = Ruler of all, Almighty, unlimited power.

5:  Sovereign: 
1 Cor 12:6,11 = Same God who gives all to each person as He chooses.

6:  New Creation: 
Jn 3:3,8 = We must be born again in the Spirit of God.  He is seen by His moving through and on those who are born again.
7:  Sin against & it's Eternal: 
Mtt 12:31-32 = Speaking against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable; to give Satan credit for what the Spirit of God does; and for blaming / crediting God for what Satan/demonic power does.  Where the line is drawn no one knows; if a person repents of sin then it's not too late.    John 16:8

8:  He is called God: 
Acts 5:3-4

9:  Joined w/ Father and Son: 
Mtt 28:19; 2 Cor 13:13-14 = Elohiym

10:  Eternal:  Heb 9:14 = Pre-existent, divine personality

C:  The Personality of the Holy Spirit:

1:  He speaks: 
Acts 28:25 = He speaks through man
26 = He describes the state of sin
27 = He is harsh at times
28 = He gets angry at times
John 16:13 = He speaks what He hears from the Father, on the Father's authority
14 = He draws upon the Father & reveals it to us.

2 Peter 1:21 = He moves through man to speak
1 Cor 12:3 = Read Amp Bible

Therefore I want you to understand that no one speaking under the power and influence of the [Holy] Spirit of God can [ever] say, Jesus be cursed! And no one can [really] say, Jesus is [my] Lord, except by and under the power and influence of the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor 12:3   Amp Bible

Please note the wording, under the power of the Holy Ghost, demonics will say Jesus is Lord, but it is a mocking, no way is this inm sencerity and with the spirit of God.

1 Tim 4:1 = He warns of end times, prophetically.

Acts 13:2 = He gives instructions, He calls us.

2 Sam 23:2 = He speaks in and by us, His words are on our tongue; this is the anointing.

2:  He teaches: 
John 14:26 = He gives instructions to man.  Greek: To learn, teach, give instructions.

1 Cor 2:10-13 = He teaches man through us
14 =  He opens our ears to learn

Isa 61:1 = He anoints us to do the work required.  In Greek: Anointing renders them Holy, the sactifying influence of the Holy Ghost upon Christians, who are priests and Kings unto God.

Luke 12:12 = The Holy Ghost teach's Christians what to say

This passage in no way indicates we don't need teachers, gifted by God to open the Word to us.  There are some thinking this means we never need a teacher, that the Holy Ghost is shows us direct every time.  As in all things we need to balance this...  The Holy Spirit does open the Word to us, but He may not do this at all times and we still need teachers. 

3:  He strives with sinners: 
Gen 6:3 = He will in time leave if we ignore Him. Strive (Gk): To contend, labor pervently. Strive (Hebrew): To judge as an umpire; To execute judgment; To minister judgment; To plead our cause

Ps 51:11 = If we continue to fight against the leading of the Holy Ghost & practice deliberate sin, in time the Spirit of God will no longer try to deal with us.  Matt 12:19
4:  He comforts us: 
Acts 9:31 = Gk: a comforter = Christ was to His disciples the counselor the same Spirit at work through Him. Jesus is the only one to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit

Jn 14:16,26 = He will comfort & remind us of what the scriptures say.

Jn 16:7 = Jesus sent Him to us as a comforter

5:  He helps our infirmaties: 
Rom 8:26 = Christ intercedes for believers in Heaven. 

6:  He is vexed: 
Isa 63:10 = Vex the Holy Spirit & God will become our enemy

7:  He is grieved:
Eph 4:29-30 = It's imperative for us to have a cleam mouth & mind.

a:  The Holy Ghost feels much grief and travail. Gk for Travail: Labor, involving painful effort.

Rom 8:23,26-27 = The pain of travail is very intense, it's an all consuming pain; much more intense then intercession.

8:  He is resisted: 
Acts 6:9-12 = The crowd couldn't resist the intelligent reasoning of the Holy Ghost; yet they resisted the conviction of His spirit.  Gk:  To fall against or upon, to strive against, resist.

Acts 7:51 = Stephen spoke harshly to the people, as the Holy Ghost spoke thorugh him; he spoke of their resistence.

9:  He is generous: 
1 Cor 12:4,11 = He gives us free gifts; all we have to do is humble ourselves and receive what He has for us.

Remember: Having a gift does not mean we are mature or even in order.  We are to judge a person according to their fruits.

D:  How He Works in the World:

1:  He creates:
Job 33:4 = The Holy Spirit creates us, He stirs us up, inspires us
Luke 1:35 = The Holy Spirit went upon & over shadowed Mary.
Ps 104:29-30 = The Holy Spirit is sent to give man breath which is life.
Ps 51:10 = He renews believers
Gen 2:7 = The Holy Ghost is the one who breathes life into man at the Fathers command.

We must remember the Holy Spirit only moves as the Father leads; He does the will of the Father and always points us toward Jesus Christ..
Jn 16:13-15

2: He renews:
Isa 32:15 = His breath renews all of nature, including man.
Isa 29:7 =  He is the Spirit of life.
Zech 12:10 = The breath of the Holy Ghost opens us up to receive more of God the Father.

Titus 3:5 = Jesus Christ save us through His cleansing Blood; then the Holy Spirit renews us.

a:  Gk for renewal:  To make new, not recent but different; renewal of the inward man; not physical. The new man in contrast to the old regenerate nature.

3:  He convicts men:
John 16:8 = The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin and judgement
9 = Sin being not leaning upon the Lord Jesus Christ.
10 = He speaks of righteousness & walking in the will of the Father
11 = and damnation.

Acts 9:18 = Scales are like a flake to peel. Paul's eyes were opened to see clearly. We need to pray this happens to each of our ones.

4:  He stirs up heathen Kings: 
2 Chr 36:22 = The Holy Ghost spoke through Jeremiah, which moved this King to do the will of God. God can move even the mightiest most evil kings in order to protect His kids
2 Chr 24:20-21 = Joash the King was moved by the Holy Spirit the conviction hit him & he reacted by ordering Zechariah to be stoned to death.

Jonah 3:3-9 = After Jonah prophesied to the people of Nineveh concerning their sin & what the result would be, the King became filled with conviction & fear; he grieved & called a fast & repentence; praying God would change His mind, which He did. 
There is much more to learn about the third person of the Trinity, but I am going to stop here.  I pray you will search out each of these scriptures and keep digging into this subject.  Have fun digging and please share what you learn.        love, Carol     
I would love to be able to pray for you