I've Gone Home

My Dear loved ones'
These words I wish to say,
I went home to be with Jesus,
And here is where I'll stay.

My pain and struggle is over;
I'll rest in peace today.
Although I know you'll grieve for me,
Be strong, for it's okay.

I’m now at home in Heaven,
Where there's everlasting light.
I'm in the arms of Jesus,
Holding on to me so tight. 

Please try to carry on your life,
For there's still work to be done.
Someday you'll be rewarded
And meet God's only son.   

He came Himself to meet me,
Oh what a glorious sight!
When He put His arms around me,
And I saw a beaming light.   

When your life on earth is over,
Then He will call you home.
It's then you will truly see,
The joy that's yet to come.


Ruth Ann Mahaffey
©Copyright 2002

If you'd like to use this or any of Ruth Ann's beautiful poems, then please  go to her web site and ask for her permission. She is a most gracious loving lady.  http://ruthann1.com