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         CHRONIC  PAIN

So many dear saints of God suffer daily with chronic pain. To say if you are right with God, you wouldn't have this pain is error. 

Many people with diseases and conditions through no fault of their own, are still waiting for their healing.

We know when Jesus gave His life on the cross, that we not only can have salvation but we also are healed.  But, there are all manner of healings, and not every healing takes place when we think it should.

Many times this healing takes place now while we are still here on earth, but there are also many times our promised healing comes as we cross over.  Either way the healing is ours through Jesus Christ.

Please dear ones don't get discouraged and hide because of your pain, don't give up thinking the Lord doesn't love you, or you'd be healed.  Take a few moments and read what is here and see if you can't gain some encourage- ment in knowing there is a plan for your life, even as you suffer.

We serve a mighty, loving Father and He has us in His care, as long as we stay close to Him.. bless you ...    

I  waited patiently for the LORD, and he inclined unto me and heard my cry   Ps 40:1

The LORD openeth the eyes of the blind: the LORD raiseth them that are bowed down: the LORD loveth the righteous.     Ps 146:8 
Fibromyalgia                            One day in the life of a dear sister in Christ..

LUPUS                                                Living with the Wolf

Don't Call Me Disabled         a poem

Ministering with LUPUS       you're never too old or ill to answer the call of God

I no longer have Lupus!


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