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While we walk this earth, many of us have been victimized either as a child or an adult.  To say we are victims is not true once we’ve received the inner healing available to us from the Holy Spirit.

We are called to walk in peace and joy as well as over-comers through the Lord Jesus Christ.  My prayer is this section will encourage you in working toward this healing and/or preparing you to minister to others as the need arises. 

Hallelujah to the King of Kings, Abba loves us so much...
Wounded Heart
Learning to Forgive  The Lord teaches us how to forgive
Prayers and Praise  The Lord hears our prayers
Forgiven  We need to make sure we are walking on the right path
Chronic Pain    We can still have productive lives while our bodies suffer from pain
Marriage   The LORD turned this marriage into a very good partnership
Other sections on this subject:
Not Alone testimony of a dear young lady and her walk to victory