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If you have been to these pages before you'll notice there have been some changes.  Each time I study this wonderful book I find more exciting things. 

Many find this book of the Bible frightening and don't want to read it much less study it; but this book is not to be feared, it shows us the true love of our LORD Jesus Christ.  This book reassures us that no matter what we see, the Lord shall always take care of His own.  We have nothing to fear or dread.

The book of Revelation is not in chronological order, meaning it is not written as it is to happen or has happened, although it is written in the order John received it from the Lord.  For example:  Jesus is born in Chapter 12; He is exalted in Chapter 5; and He walks in the midst of His church in Chapter 1. The beast attacks the two witnesses in Chapter 11; while his first appearance is in Chapter 13.

This marvelous book is very poetic, especially if read with the Greek and Hebrew.  There are various themes written more then once, showing it from different perspectives.

The themes written in this book are first seen in the Old Testament, and as we study the entire Word we will see the Lord explains each of the symbols or secret words.

This book was written by John, while a prisoner on the island of Patmos at ninety years old. It's important to remember while reading that John had to describe various things such as an airplane not yet seen by man.

We need to keep in mind also that John had to write much of this in symbols or secret words in order to smuggle it past the guards.  For example, we must listen for those key words speaking of the voice of God, such as thunder and lightening.

Before going any further, it's important we pray, asking the Holy Spirit to open this up and stop any preconceived ideas we may have. We want the true, pure word of God, even if it goes against what man has always taught us.  

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